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Church Decorating Tips

Altar Candles

Many Christians have come to expect a particular look and feel for their church. Upon entering a church, many people are accustomed to the ubiquitous presence of crosses, Emkay candles and more. During the holiday season and special occasions, however, the décor of a church may vary. With Christmas celebrations come Christmas trees and candy canes, and with weddings come plenty of tulle, ribbon and flowers. But regardless of how a church may be dressed and adorned, the overall atmosphere must always be welcoming and appropriate. Here are just a few tips on how to decorate your church for every occasion:

General Decorations
When decorating a church for everyday purposes, it is best to keep things simple yet classy. Most churches are built to be beautiful even without interior decorations, but minor touches here and there help the church to fully shine.

Church candles are essential to the design of any church. If you want the best church candles, you can’t go wrong with Emkay Candles. The Emkay Candle Company has an array of candles in numerous sizes and for various purposes. For example, Emkay Candles has specially-made altar candles.

The sanctuary is often considered to be the most sacred place in a church. To uphold this view, decorate the sanctuary with the finest greeneries and flower arrangements. Some churches have flowers scattered throughout the place, but subtlety is better: Place large flower arrangements on either side of the altar, preferably in large vases for easy transport.

Many churches choose not to decorate pews, for their adornments often get ruined by those going in and out of their seats. However, a simple bow tied at the end of each pew is unlikely to get damaged and will maintain an elegant look.

Arrange Emkay candles throughout the foyer during evening services. If you have a greeter’s table, consider placing a candelabra on it. The Emkay Candle Company also sells pillar candles that would look great on display on the greeter’s table.

Christmas Decorations
Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and church decorations should reflect that. Many churches opt to decorate the foyer with a nativity scene, so that those entering are given an instant reminder of what the holiday season is about.

To further decorate the lobby, place an evergreen wreath on or near the door through which people first enter. Like the Christmas tree, this wreath should not be elaborately decorated. Another fun idea would be to hang crafts made by Sunday school children. As parents and their children enter the church, they can admire the children’s work together.

You may also consider placing a large, traditional Christmas tree in the sanctuary of your church. The tree should be big enough for all to see, especially if you have a large congregation. It should not, however, be over-decorated. The church is a place of worship and you want the tree to reflect that.

Christmas decorations would not be complete without church candles. As significant as they are during the general year, church candles provide churchgoers with a calmer essence during the holidays. To give church candles a more festive look, consider surrounding them with small rings of holly and garland. Many Emkay candles also come in a variety of colors to match your church’s seasonal themes. Churches often host candlelight services during this time of the year, so make sure to have plenty of Emkay candles available for every member of your congregation.

Replace your usual flower arrangements with holiday plants such as poinsettias. Make sure to display them throughout the church, including the sanctuary and entrance hall.

Wedding Decorations
Wedding decorations may vary depending on church restrictions; some churches have very strict rules about what you can and cannot do within their walls. Always check with the church first to see what is allowed.

Flowers are a huge part of any wedding. Consider hanging lush garlands made of flowers around doorways and along the sanctuary. Display floral arrangements that match the color scheme of your wedding throughout the church. They can be placed on each side of the altar, as well as outside of the building.

Candles are also a significant part of any Christian wedding. The unity candle is an important tradition in a wedding ceremony, as it symbolizes the union of one man and one woman before God. The Emkay unity candle is solid white and goes perfect with any themed wedding.

You may also want to display other Emkay candles, such as votive and pillar candles, throughout the church. Emkay candles look particularly striking as they flicker throughout evening wedding ceremonies.

Decorating a church is a not a difficult task, even when you have the challenge of decorating for a special event or ceremony. With these tips in mind, your church will meet and go beyond the expectations of regular churchgoers.

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