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Sunday School Supplies - Christian Puppets & Sunday School Curriculum

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Sunday School should be one of the most important ministries at church. After all, it's important to teach children about the love of God from a young age so that they will continue to grow strong in the Lord as they grow older. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of Sunday School Supplies at discount prices. Planning Sunday School lessons, scheduling volunteers, and keeping Sunday school organized can be overwhelming; especially without the proper supplies. We want to help make it easier to teach those little ones about how great God is. Browse our selection of Sunday School supplies below.

Featured Sunday School Supplies

Sunday School Curriculum
We offer Gospel Light Sunday School Curriculum for all age groups to make Sunday School fun!

Christian Puppets
Make learning about the Bible more fun and interactive with Christian puppets.

Christian Puppet Skits
Our Christian puppet skits help kids act out Bible lessons in a fun way.

Consider putting on a Vacation Bible School with your Sunday School team for community outreach.

Charts & Maps
Make your Sunday School rooms more visually appealing with our colorful and insightful charts and maps.

Praise & Worship DVDs
Praise and worship DVDs and CDs help kids learn Christian songs and how to praise the Lord.

Veggie Tales DVDs
Veggie Tales DVDs are something you always want to have on hand for Sunday School classes.

Sunday School Activities
We have books of Sunday School activities, crafts and lessons to help you plan.

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Sunday School-Sunday School Member Report & Offering (#103S)  (100 Pack)

Sunday School-Sunday School Member Report & Offering (#103S) (100 Pack) by Broadman & Holman

$4.99   $0.75
Attendance Pads   (5 Pack)

Attendance Pads (5 Pack) by Broadman & Holman

$5.99   $0.90
Attendance Registration Pad <BR>  (12 Pack)

Attendance Registration Pad
(12 Pack)
by Abingdon Press

$15.99   $2.40
Home is Where Children Learn the Most

It is so important, as Christian parents, to take your children to Sunday school class so that they can receive regular teaching about the Bible. However, just because a child is attending Sunday school doesn't mean that is enough for them when it coems to spiritual growth. After all, they are only in the Sunday school room learning for about maybe an hour or so on average. They are at home observing what parents and other family members are doing for a much greater amount of time during the week. It is truly up to the parents to be the most important Christian influence on their children's lives and to teach them about the Bible. As a parent, you need to be taking some time out of your busy schedule and reading the Bible with you children and talking with them about what it means to be a Christian. You cannot rely solely on a one hour timeslot every week at your church to raise them up in the ways of God.

Teaching Children About the Bible at Home

Teaching your children about the Bible can be integrated into your everyday activities. Some things that you can do are:

  • Have a Bible verse of the week. You can teach your children about the verse and what it means, and if they are old enough help them to memorize it during that week.
  • Do some Bible crafts together. If you need some ideas, get a Bible activity or craft book so that you can also have a small lesson that goes along with it. While your children are doing the craft or activity, you can talk to them about what it means and the Bible story that goes along with it.
  • When you are in the car, play some Christian music instead of secular music. Most kids love to sing and it's easy for them to memorize a song. Give them lyrics that you will want them to keep singing.
  • Instead of having them watch what's on the TV all the time, include Christian cartoons such as Veggie Tales or Hermie and Friends. These shows focus on Christian lessons and God's goodness, making it fun to learn about.
  • Read a bedtime Bible story together. There are many Bible story books available for children that have illustrations and share the Bible in words that children can understand
  • There are so many ways to teach your children about God and His love; be creative and don't forget that they are also watching you to learn what to do.
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