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White Usher Gloves

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We have lots of quality White Usher Gloves to choose from for your ushers and helpers. White usher gloves make a great accessory for a professional look and help keep ushers sanitary while greeting all of your church visitors. These Below are links to all of our usher supplies pages:

Featured White Usher Gloves

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Gloves-White Cotton-Medium

Gloves-White Cotton-Medium by Broadman Church Supplies

$6.99   $1.05
Gloves-White Cotton- Small

Gloves-White Cotton- Small by Broadman Church Supplies

$6.99   $1.05
Gloves-White Cotton-XLG

Gloves-White Cotton-XLG by Broadman Church Supplies

$6.99   $1.05
Usher Gloves w/Cross in White Cotton

Usher Gloves w/Cross in White Cotton by Swanson Christian Supply

$4.99   $0.75
Gloves-White Cotton-Large

Gloves-White Cotton-Large by Broadman Church Supplies

$6.99   $1.05
The Role of a Church Usher

Do you have ushers at your church? You most likely do; and they can often be found at the doors of the church before service starts or at the back of the church during the Pastor's sermon - ready to lend a helping hand. Some of the things that they are expected to do include greeting people at the door of the church, handing out church bulletins, passing out and collecting the offering plates, showing people to open seats if necessary, guiding people to sunday school rooms, and whatever else they can help with. An easy way to spot an usher is if they are wearing white usher gloves. Someone who is an usher should be a strong Christian, having deeply rooted values. Many people, both visitors and members, will be interacting with the church ushers and how they perceive them has a great impact on their view of the church. Ushers should help make the church a more comfortable and safe place for visitors. In fact, ushers are often compared to the gatekeepers in biblical times. Below is a verse that gives us some insight as to how important and necessary gatekeepers were.

1 Chronicles 9:17-21
"17 The gatekeepers: Shallum, Akkub, Talmon, Ahiman, and their relatives. Shallum was their chief; 18 he was previously stationed at the King's Gate on the east side. These were the gatekeepers from the camp of the Levites. 19 Shallum son of Kore, son of Ebiasaph, son of Korah and his relatives from his household, the Korahites, were assigned to guard the thresholds of the tent. [a] Their ancestors had been assigned to the LORD's camp as guardians of the entrance. 20 In earlier times Phinehas son of Eleazar had been their leader, and the LORD was with him. 21 Zechariah son of Meshelemiah was the gatekeeper at the entrance to the tent of meeting."

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